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Meet Your New Parish Councillors & Have Your Say

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Mr Trevor Allison....................Tel  260899          E :

Mr Andrew Johnston…………Tel  260991          E :

Mr David Spicer......................Tel  260163          E :

Mrs Avi Sanders Royle ...........Tel 261262          E :

Mr Mick Berry .................…… Tel 260407          E :

Ms Andrea Hall................. 07713 520245          E:

Ryan Harrison...................07736 577955           E:

Simon Gittins.............................260273             E:

Bob Edwards.............................260451             E:

Scott Denyer.....................07375 701234           E:
All above land line telephone numbers are prefixed with STD code 01939
Your new Parish Council is now in place and ready to serve it's community. Please contact them if or when you have any issues OR if you simply want to talk......After all we are a friendly bunch!

One councillor position remains vacant; if your interested why not get in touch?
Introducing our new Parish Councillors; pictured above.

(On the right)  Hello, my name is Scott Denyer, and together with my wife Rachel (and our cat Teapot) I moved to the parish of Ruyton XI Towns in October 2015.

I am a native of Essex and spent my formative years there before entering the higher education system - obtaining a degree in Physics from Liverpool University and Masters in Medical Physics at Leeds. My early career was with the NHS, and that's where I first met Rachel (she was studying and qualifying as a Radiographer) - we worked at the same hospital in west Hertfordshire before she took a job in Cambridge (and we set up our first home in north Hertfordshire mid-way between our respective workplaces). We subsequently relocated back to west Hertfordshire when we both changed jobs. Rachel was born in Shrewsbury, and grew up in South Wales, Whittington and Oswestry, so she has a strong connection to this area, to which I've become very attached over the last 20-something years as a "visitor".  

I currently work for General Electric (the huge American corporation) - previously in their Healthcare division and now with the corporate Environment, Health & Safety organisation (yes - Physics and Health & Safety make me a dazzling dinner guest). 

My hobbies include running, kayaking, cycling, reading and music (listening, not playing), and of course home/garden improvements (I have to say that). I am excited to be a councillor for Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council - as a newcomer to the area I think it's really important to contribute to the local community, and is a great way of "integrating". I'm really keen to preserve the essential character of the village whilst ensuring a vibrant and sustainable future.

(On the left)  My name is Ryan Harrison, I am 19 years old and have lived in the Ruyton Parish for the last 4 years. I have studied locally in Shrewsbury, completing my A-levels last year. Currently, I am studying German and Politics at Warwick University. I wish to be an active member of the parish council, helping to provide a fresh view on how we can make our parish and community a better place to live. I also feel it's important to hear the views of younger people in the parish and the issues that they face living in a rural area. Having a younger voice on the council is an exciting opportunity and I hope over time more young people  will join the Parish Council and get involved.

(In the middle)  I'm Robert Edwards born in Ruyton XI Towns; lived on the Cliffe for 6 Years after which my family moved to Wenter for 2 years then settled back home to Ruyton.
Educated at Ruyton Primary School, then Baschurch Secondary School , onwards to Shrewsbury Technical College, later a Rolls Royce Technical Apprentice, gaining a Higher National Certificate in Electronic Engineering.
I worked at Rolls Royce as an Engineer for Electronic Maintenance Department. 
In 1974 I joined Herbert Machine Tool Company as a Specialist Engineer for their CNC Range of Metal Turning Machines,I then traveled extensively for them World Wide; I retired in 2008. 
Hobbies include: 
Keen Gardener,Caravaning, Travelling on holiday to Canada , Environmental Conservation, Forestry Tree Conservation, Wildlife ie Badger preservation in the Drumbles Wood. 
I'm keen to become involved in the activity's for the Village I feel that I can make a contribution for the good of the Community and a particularly keen to promote Safer Roads Group activities...happy to listen to anyone's sensible ideas about how we slow down traffic in the village!

Parking on pavements - A report by the Parish Council & Police

PC 3194 Mark MOTH
Safer Neighbourhood Team
Oswestry Rural South
Tel: 101 - Ext: 5221
Both the Police and Parish Council are still receiving complaints of vehicles parking on pavements within the village and obstructing pedestrian access along the pavements; particularly near Platt Bridge and on School Road.
Parking on the pavements is not necessarily an offence in itself unless the local council have been granted a Bye Law on the matter, stating that it is  an offence to park on the pavement in that area causing a full or partial obstruction. 
The offence of  ' Unnecessary Obstruction '  is what police usually use for parking on the pavement. However, this too comes with certain exceptions - ie: if a  mobility scooter or  wheel chair can still safely pass by on the pavement without having to go onto the road,  then the offence is not complete and the vehicle can remain on the pavement. 
So, if you have no option but to park 'partially' on the pavement please ensure that you leave enough room for a wheel chair to pass by with ease.  
Should pavements continue to be blocked the Parish Council will consider approaching Shropshire Highways about installing yellow lines.

The Police and Parish Councillors will continue to patrol the village and monitor the issue, but please be warned……if your vehicle is found causing an Unnecessary Obstruction you will be informed.
Ruyton PC Safer Roads Group update
To help with speed enforcement we intend to carry out speeding surveys using a speeding gun provided by the Police. To do this we need volunteers to carry out the checks. They will work in teams of 3 so we really need at least another 3 people to form the Ruyton team; training will be provided and is currently being arranged.
Will anyone interested in volunteering please contact me, Cllr Bob Edwards or the Clerk to the Council Sue Hackett; whose contact details can be found below.
Mick Berry   Vice-Chairman of the PC
Road to be closed: Between Markyn on School Rd & The Manse on Park Bank

Date:                                    13 August 2017
Times:                                  1 day (24 hours)
Purpose:                             Sluice Valve Rebuild Chamber
Applicant:                           Severn Trent Water
If you require any further information please contact the Street Works team:

The Parish Council next meets Monday 11th Sept 2017
Our new Parish Council has recently agreed to meet on the first Tuesday of the month so future meetings are to be held on:
Tuesday 3rd Oct 2017          Tuesday 7th November 2017
Tuesday 5th December 2017  Tuesday 2nd January 2018

All council meetings usually commence at 7.30p.m. and are held at the Victoria Room at Ruyton. A public session is always held at the beginning of the official meeting, which is intended to encourage residents to present any local issues. 

Clerk's Contact Details:
Sue Hackett can usually be contacted on Tel 01743 719012 or by email

The official business address of the Council is Gonsal House, Condover, Shrewsbury Shropshire SY5 7EX. If you are unable to contact me please contact the Chairman Andrew Johnston.
Your Chairman's Report - by Andrew Johnston
Following our recent July Parish Council meeting which was held on 24th July 2017; which a group of Birch Grove residents and expressed their concerns about anti social behaviour which they were experiencing as a result of two new tenants having been re-homed locally. Having independently established that there were indeed issues a number of Parish Councillors recently met with representatives from STAR Housing and  your Local Police Team and are pleased to report that matters are in hand. STAR Housing have confirmed that such properties will no longer be let on a temporary basis and encourage those in need of local housing to register with Shropshire Homepoint for more permanent housing solutions.

Councillors are working together to produce a questionnaire in late August which will be made available to residents of the parish to respond to in order to establish the "Main Aims of the Parish". Identifying priorities and providing a plan for the future work of the Parish Council.

In the first instance the questionnaire will be circulated electronically via this newsletter and Yoland's network. It is however appreciated that not everyone is online and therefore drop in events are planned to ensure everyone has an opportunity to respond.

So please take time to complete it WE value your input.
Anyone looking for social housing within Shropshire can register with Shropshire Homepoint at
at "Login/My Account" at the top and then "Register" at the left hand side, if not already a user. Paper applications are also available from Shropshire Homepoint (tel: 0300 303 8595).

Once registered you will be informed by email or letter of your Shropshire HomePoint reference number, your band, your registration date and basic bedroom entitlement. Homepoint will ask you to complete any incomplete areas of the application form before it is made 'live', so please ensure you're thorough with completing the form!
Once registered applicants are prioritised by need and placed into one of four categories called 'bands'.  Priority Band is for those in emergency need, Gold Band for those with a high level of need, Silver Band for Medium and Bronze Band for those with no recognized housing need but would still like to be considered for housing. Housing need is based on whether the current property meets the basic needs of the applicant (for example overcrowding or under occupying a property, condition of property, medical issues and meeting any disabilities need).
All properties are advertised on Shropshire Homepoint once a tenant has notified their landlord that they will be moving, on a weekly property cycle which runs from a Wednesday until midnight the following Tuesday. During this time, all applicants are free to bid on the property provided it meets their needs but there is only 1 bid per week allowed. Bidding is not on a "first come, first served" basis so the timing of your bid is not important!
How to place a bid:-
 Log onto the HomePoint Website at
•  Call the automated 24 hour bidding line on 0345 520 2505
•  Apply by text message from your mobile phone on 0786 001 5237
Example 15432 01/01/1970 2134
Reference Number (space) D/O/B (space) Property Reference Number
•  Write into HomePoint
•  Telephone HomePoint on 0300 303 8595.
Please find below the Police Commissioners  newsletter where he launches a consultation which merges the Fire Service and Police Service. The PC encourages you to participate in this consultation as individuals.  Below is a link to the consultation:
The latest newsletter from the Commissioner relating to the consultation can also be accessed here

The consultation remains open until 11 September 2017.

  • After last winter's clear fell operation to protect the hillfort from further storm damage we are now considering the management of emergent vegetation, primarily bracken and birch seedlings.
  • Ultimately we would like to see heathland restored to the hillfort and we are working with contractors who have experience of such restoration with an excellent and rapid success rate. The first phase of this operation is to spray off the bracken and tree seedlings and whilst they're at it spray off the emergent rhododendron after it was cut last year. This work will commence as soon as the weather dries up.  This is an exciting development for the hillfort and the site in general and will ensure its protection and appreciation into the future.
Finally ........don't forget 
Ruyton XI Towns Home Grown Show on
Sunday 10 September 2017


Ruyton XI Towns Village Hall
For full details pick up a programme at Cafe Eleven, Pam's Flower Shop or The Talbot or contact a member of the Village Hall Committee on 01939 260716

Further details can also be found on
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The Parish Council are very grateful in the excellent work Yoland Brown and Margret Lycett continue to do keeping residents informed and would like to say a special thank you to them for their support.

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